TR50 TM Permanent Shutter

The TR50 profile was introduced in 2018 as a non-composite permanent shuttering deck profile as a low cost solution for a quality product. This profile should only be used as formwork, where the reinforcement within the slab has been designed by the structural engineer, taking no account of the metal decking.


  • Un-propped spans up to 3.0m
  • Formwork for non-composite RCC floor and roof slabs
  • Flexible side-lap detail for control of cover width
  • Trough stiffener location designed to optimise stud position and avoid additional on-site checks
  • Optimised cover width for speed of installation
  • 120g/m2 galvanised finish as standard, 275g/m2 , 550g/m2 galvanized finish and colour coat finish also available


  • 0.7mm
  • 0.8mm
  • 0.9mm
  • 1.0mm
  • 1.2mm

Steel Grade

  • S250
  • S350
  • S550