Soffit Fixings

All of the JSWSMD profiles offer the opportunity of utilizing soffit fixings for the installation of services, ceilings, etc. These fixings can accommodate threaded rod sizes of 6mm, 8mm and lOmm for loads up to 1.0kN.

The 'TR60' nut is to be used for both the TR60+ and TR80+ profiles and can be obtained from Lindapter International Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1274 521444.
Guidance on the use of these fixings is available from Lindapter International Limited or visit


  1. Pre-assemble the wedge and locking plate onto the threaded rod (fiat surface uppermost).
  2. Insert wedge into the re-entrant channel of the decking and rotate until the chamfered cams engage on the sides of the channel.
  3. Slide the plate up the threaded rod and over the wedge to lock it into position in the channel.
  4. Tighten the locknut beneath the plate to hold the assembly in position.