Commercial Benefits


The speed of construction using composite metal decking can reduce construction programmes by up to 50%, resulting in cost savings on site preliminaries and interest charges. The earlier building completion also enables let table area to be rented out sooner (where applicable)!


Due to the lightweight nature of composite construction, foundation costs can be reduced by in excess of 20% when compared to other methods of construction.


Services can be accommodated within the structural zone, running through and between the steel beams, and where necessary voids can be provided in the slab. Our products can accommodate a service 'wedge nut' type fixing from which suspended services and ceilings can be hung, therefore avoiding labour intensive drilling to the decking soffit.


The shallower floor and structural zones achievable with composite construction can lead to a typical 5% reduction in building height. This height saving reduces the cladding area and related costs. Special trims and channels are available (where necessary) to enable cladding to be easily attached to the slab.

Flexible Area

Composite Construction can achieve long spans and therefore a reduced number of columns. This not only increases the rentable floor area, but also provides greater flexibility for the internal layout both upon first use and should a change of use be required to the building in the future.

Building Life

Composite slabs provide a robust solution capable of supporting high loadings for most applications. The thermal and acoustic performance, fire resistance and durability provide benefits that add value by helping to extend the life of the building.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits
A number of key factors should be considered when looking at the sustainability credentials of composite construction and its effect on the environment compared to alternative methods of construction...

  • Lightweight construction - reduction in raw materials used.

  • Recycled content - steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled numerous times without loss of quality.

  • Reduced wastage — the 'off site' nature of steel construction naturally means less site wastage.

  • Extended Life - Long spans and large open spaces mean buildings can be easily adapted for a change.

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