JSWSMD's contracts department is structured to allow effective management of nationwide contracts through a network of regional contracts managers and local site managers. This is backed up by our directly employed site operatives located throughout India.

JSWSMD's directly employed, directly controlled site operatives are the key to project success. All our operatives are fully trained and all hold the appropriate Health & Safety qualifications to operate safely and efficiently on site.

To ensure we maintain excellent service levels at all times, we also allocate a site manager to every project. Where required, the JSWSMD site manager is a full time, on site member of the team, giving us and our clients the most effective and controlled project installation.

JSWSMD's fleet of purpose built mobile stud welding units minimizes environmental effects through emissions and noise pollution. Modern generators specifically built to cope with the demands of thru deck welding offer a portable, flexible solution. Where site space is limited, we can also supply static units if required.

SMD makes a continuous investment in equipment and people so that our team has the experience, training and equipment to carry out the work as required.

  • Deck Installation
  • Edge Trim Installation
  • Thru Deck Stud Welding